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【August / 2013】
Filipina Megan Young wins Miss World 2013 (Sept.29)
Typhoon No.18 alarm (Sept.15)

Docomo to begin selling iPhone (Sept.6)
China put up 75 blocks in Scarborough (Sept.5)
Kameda 3 Bros Champion : 1st time in the world (Sept.3)
【August / 2013】
Suspend inhumane mass deportation from Japan (August.30)
5 Out of 7 Experts Favor Japan's Consumption Tax Hike Plan (August.27)

Historical Rain in Kyushu (August.26)
Japan Olympic Gold Medalist RYOTA MURATA win his pro debut by knock out (August.25)
Abe to Pitch Tokyo's Olympic Bid (Aug.24)

Ichiro joins select group with 4,000th hit (Aug.22)
Fraser-Pryce eyes 200m gold after capturing 100m : IAAF World Championships in Moscow (Aug.17)
274 still missing from sunken ship in Cebu (Aug.17)

Nearly 40,000 hospitalized for heatstroke so far this summer (Aug.14)
Temperature hits record 41 degrees in Kochi (Aug.13)
A thunderstorm brought the special effects in for Lightning Bolt (Aug.12)

Turbo Granny still smashing records at 90 (Aug.11)
Lifetime travel pass for baby born on train (Aug.11)
7-Eleven stores to reach 1,400 in Philippines by end of 2014 (Aug.10)

To prevent sex for flight, females to staff OFW shelters (Aug.9)
NBI arrests 4 recruiters, a Filipino and 3 Japanese who promised Pinays jobs abroad (Aug.8)
Gov't says Fukushima plant leaking 300 tons of toxic water into sea daily (Aug.8)

Airbag collar provides alternative to cycle helmet as Fashion Statements (Aug..6)
We're back: Gilas Pilipinas blasts Japan (Aug.6)
Major League Baseball announced suspensions for 13 players on Monday, including Alex Rodriguez (Aug.6)

Daiya Seto Gold Medal! (Aug.5)
Japan Successfully Launches H-2B Rocket with Transporter (Aug.4)
REUTERS Analysis : We still think Mexico and Philippines are well placed (Aug.3)

Neymar Makes Camp Nou Debut, Lionel Messi Scores as Barcelona Rout Santos (Aug.3)
Kameda Tomoki WIN! WBO bantamweight New Champion! (Aug.1)
SADAKO & SADAO / CM of manners (Aug.1)
【July / 2013】
Student abandoned in prison cell gets $4.1m payout (July.31)

Boxing Tomorrow in Cebu : AMBUNDA-KAMEDA WBO bantamweight title match (July.31)
N. Korea's No. 2 Man Hopes for Close Ties with Japan: Inoki (July.31)
Angelina Jolie speaks out against rape in war zones (July 30)

Matsui officially retires as a New York Yankee (July.29)
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie arrive in Japan (July.29)
Japan Offers to Provide 10 Patrol Ships to Philippines (July.28)

Japan pledges assistance to PH (July.27)
Japan's Abe arrives in Manila (July.27)
Commuters push 32-ton train car off trapped woman in Japan (July.26)

Kameda keeps WBA 118lb belt vs. Filipino (July.24)
Bus, truck collision on busy Thai highway kills 19 (July.23)
Royal baby boy (July.23)

Chris Froome (Team SKY) : The 100th Tour de France Bicycle Road Race Winner (July.22)
Phil Mickelson : The Open Golf Championship Winner, Matsuyama : 6th in the first appearance (July.22)
Bomb Detonated at Beijing Airport (July.21)

Japanese found dead in Lapu-Lapu (July.21)
Ghibli’s new feature anime film, “Kaze Tachinu” (July 21)
Obama In Surprise Speech...'TRAYVON COULD HAVE BEEN ME' (July.20)

YouTube Star Dies After 6-Year Battle With Cancer (July 18)
Lawson store closed after employee puts photo of himself in freezer on Facebook (July.17)
Japan Pachinko Mogul Likely to Face Criminal Charges in Philippines (July.16)

A flight attendant was killed by an electric shock from her iPhone 5 while charging it at home (July. 15)
33 Cases of Irregularities Found over New Foreign Resident Card (July.14)
San Miguel Held Early Talks With Japan’s ANA on Philippine Air (July.10)

40 still missing in deadly Canada oil train crash (July.9)
English WIMBLEDON CHAMPION after 77 years (July. 8)
Egypt in crisis: President Mohamed Morsi ousted by army (July.4)

McDonald's Japan to Offer 1,000-Yen Premium Burgers (July.3)
3-year-old boy gets partial lung transplant from mother in world first (July.2)
FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 Victory Brazil! (July.1)
【June / 2013】
Want a multiple entry Japan visa? Read this! (June.30)
Leah Dizon reappears after 3 years (June.29)
Audi wins Le Mans race marred by driver's death (June.24)

Miami Heat : NBA Champion!!! ( 95 - 88 vs. San Antonio Spurs )(June.22)
Brazil: 300,000 take to the streets in Rio (June.21)
JR East offering one couple chance to get married on Yamanote line (June.19)

25 killed in women's university bus, hospital bombings in Pakistan (June.16)
Rugby:Japan in historic win over Wales (June.15)
Death toll in Benguet road accident rises to 13 (June.10)

French visitors (June.7)
Japan!!! WORLD CUP JUST NOW!!! (June.4)
90,000 commuters affected as WWII shell disposed of in Tokyo (June.4)
【May / 2013】

PH competitiveness rank jumps to 38th (May.31)

Valery Rozov, Russian Daredevil, Sets World Record For Highest BASE Jump Off Mount Everest (May.30)
Mountain search party attacked by bear; missing man found dead (May.29)
Huge explosion as freight train derails near Baltimore (May.29)

In memory of WWII victims (May.28)
16 Pakistani schoolchildren killed in bus blast (May.26)
Bayern Munchen won UEFA Champions League final (May.26)

All Japanese citizens to be issued ID number (May.25)
Diet approves child abduction treaty (May.22)

Justin Bieber's Big Billboard Music Awards: Top Male Artist (May.20)
N. Korea launches three short-range missiles (May.18)

Pinoys in Taiwan wear face masks to avoid trouble (May.18)
Bear shot dead after entering school in Ishikawa (May.17)
Honda to announce Formula One comeback (March.16)

Filipino director takes new look at Bataan Death March (March.15)
Angelina Jolie had double mastectomy to reduce risk of breast cancer (May.14)
Three men rob McDonald's of Y2 mil in Shizuoka (May.14)

"Help Me Mom! Scam" to Replace "Remittance Fraud" (May.12)
Japan to Draw Up Guidelines for Evacuation with Pets (May.12)
PH Coast Guard admits shooting Taiwanese fisherman (May.11)

Kei Nishikori stuns Federer in Madrid Open Tennis (May.10)
Actress Yuki Amami suffers heart attack after stage performance (May.9)
Japanese-Brazilian Sues Japan Govt for Residence Status (May.9)

Widespread blackout hits Luzon due to outage in five power plants (may.8)
At least six people have died as Genoa ship hits control tower (May.8)
At least 5 climbers dead, 7 hurt as Mayon Volcano spews ash (May.7)

Japan, China, S Korea to cooperate on air pollution (May.7)
National Honor Award, Nagashima & Matsui (May.5)
Facebook puts account security in the hands of your friends (May.3)

LDP Aims to Materialize Voting Age of 18 for Constitutional Change (May.3)
Japanese moneylender shot dead in San Fernando (May.2)
Fuji to get World Heritage Site status (May.1)
【April / 2013】

Jason Collins Comes Out: NBA Player Becomes First Openly Gay Professional Male Athlete In Major Sport (April.30)
Royal gathering (April.30)

Rainbow Pride (April.28)
Crown Prince, Princess Leave for Netherlands (April.28)
Asian nations to start trade talks (April.25)

Sato becomes 1st driver from Japan to win race (April.22)
China Earthquake: 6.9 Magnitude (April.20)
"The hunt is over" in Boston (April.20)
1 Boston bombing suspect dead; massive manhunt for 2nd (April.19)
FBI releases photos of Boston suspects (April.19)
Obama Gun Policy Agenda Comes To Maddening End (April.19)

U.S. hopes for new Japan stance on child abduction (April.18)
Boston Marathon Footage Shows Bomb Suspect: Official (April.18)
2013 Pulitzer Winning Photos Feature Syrian Conflict (April.17)

Courtesy call (April.17)
Man in electric wheelchair dies after being hit by train (April.17)
Obama On Boston Bombing: 'Any Responsible Groups Will Feel The Full Weight Of Justice' (April16)

Actor Rentaro Mikuni dies at 90 (April.15)
Saitama,Nishi-kawaguchi Station : 3 stabbed in drunken brawl between Japanese, non-Japanese (April.15)

600,000 forced labor victims in Middle East (April.14)
Figure skating: Asada hints at retirement after Sochi Olympics (April.14)
Derya Sert of Turkey may be first pregnant woman with transplanted uterus (April.14)

Japanese actor excited to star opposite Eugene Domingo in ‘Instant Mommy’(April.13)
M6 quake hits western Japan (April.13)
Tokyo Disney Resort 30th anniversary celebration - Here is the program! (April11)

Gyu-Kaku Japanese Barbecue : Now Grilling in the Philippines! (April.10)
Yokohama mistakenly tweets North Korean missile launch (April.10)

Fukushima storage problems escalate (April.8)
3 dead, more than 30 injured by weekend storms (April.8)
Boxing: Koki says sorry - six times (April.8)

Japan's Takarazuka Revue Begins Taiwan Tour (April.7)
U.S. military to deploy unmanned spy plane in northern Japan (April.7)
Facebook Home Means You'll Never Check Facebook Again (It'll Check You) (April.6)

The end of the unagi era? (April.6)
Possible evidence of dark matter found (April.5)
Japan on alert as China mobilizes to fight deadly new bird flu (April.4)

Japan Offers China Help to Fight Air Pollution (April.4)
Tokyo Tower lit blue for World Autism Awareness Day (April. 4)
Oscar actor of Academy Awards and his daughter (April.4)

OH NO! Yu Darvish didn't : Perfect Game ends at 26 (April.3)
New Kabuki-za Theater Opens in Central Tokyo (April.2)
First day on the job (April.2)
【March / 2013】

Pope Francis to celebrate his first Easter vigil (March.31)

'Facebook phone' may ring true April 4 (March.31)
Guidance of the Japanese social security system for Filipino (March.30)
Google adds street views inside nuclear zone (March.30)

128 Foreigners Pass Japan's Exam for Care Workers (March.28)
North Korea Artillery And Rocket Forces 'On Highest Alert' (March.27)
Tokyo serial arsonist may have also ransacked homes (March.27)

Godzilla Loses Top Spot to Kittybot Doraemon (March.26)
Foreigners' Nursing Exam Pass Rate Falls in Japan (March.25)
Lower House Poll Result Ruled Invalid for 1st Time in Postwar Japan (March.25)

News Insight " What is TPP? "

[TPP : Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership]
TPP is a free trade deal aimed at further expanding the flow of goods, services and capital across borders.They pledged, among other things, to "enlarge the framework of relations among the Parties through liberalizing trade and investment and encouraging further and deeper cooperation to create a strategic partnership within the Asia-Pacific region.Japan has so far concluded have excluded agricultural products such as rice and dairy products.TPP allows no exceptions in principle. For this reason, the Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JA) has argued that participation in the TPP would destroy Japan's agricultural industry.

Pope Francis opens Catholics' Holy Week (March.24)
10 railway IC cards now interchangeable (March.24)
Manatee numbers declined throughout the last century (March.22)

206 athletes 'abused by coaches' (March,21)
18th anniversary of Aum sarin attack on subway observed (March.21)
Cell phone service to be available on all Tokyo Metro lines from Thursday (March.20)

Filipino won the best actor & actress of the Asian Film Awards (March.19)
A Brave old man and a train staff captured BAD GUY ! (March.19)
Aurora Breakup in Alaska (March.18)

Puerto Rico beats Japan to reach WBC final (March.18)
Kim wins women's world figure skating title (March.17)
Effects of joining TPP mixed / Though imports would become cheaper, some fear threats to food safety (March.15)

News Insight:What is "Ippyou no Kakusa"?

[ Ippyou no Kakusa : disparity in the relative weight of one vote ] Malapportionment, or unequal representation in a representative body, violates some voters' rights to equal treatment under the law. For example, if one geographic district has 10,000 voters and another has 100,000 voters, voters in the former district have ten times the influence, per person, over the governing body.
The effect might not be just a vague empowerment of some voters but a systematic bias to the nation's government. Internationally, malapportionment results when large, sparsely populated rural regions are given equal representation to densely packed urban areas.

2 stabbed to death, 5 wounded by Chinese man in Hiroshima Pref (March.15)
221,000 Tons of Japan Tsunami Debris to Hit North America by Oct (March.15)
Dell Supports Childhope Asia in Teaching Street Children (March.15)

Get your Dragon Ball Hair fries (March.14)
Jorge Mario Bergoglio SJ, 76, of Argentina is Pope Francis I (March.13)
Japan's First Cherry Blossoms Start to Bloom in Fukuoka (March.13)

Black smoke signals inconclusive papal vote, again (March.13)
Activists fault WHO report on Fukushima radiation (March.13)
Black smoke signals no pope chosen at conclave (March.13)

Nearly 3,000 dead pigs found in river supplying Shanghai's drinking water (March.10)
Emperor, empress lead tributes on 2nd anniversary of disaster (March.10)
Dust storm shrouds Tokyo in haze (March.10)

Japan beats Netherlands 16-4 to advance at WBC (March.10)
PM2.5 sandstorms to reach Tokyo (March.9)
Hero dog Kabang undergoes facial reconstructive surgery (March.8)

Ospreys Conduct 1st Night Flight Training over Mainland Japan (March.8)
Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila in 15 Papal contenders (March.7)

Businesses, govt pledge to support Olympic bid (March.6)
Miss Universe Japan 2013 (March.5)
Miracle baby in serious condition after N.Y. crash (March.4)

Skytree and the Moon (March.4)
8 People Die in Northern Japan Snowstorms (March.3)
Shinkansen Train Derails in Northeastern Japan (March.2)

Skytree observatories visitors reach 5 million (March.2)
Woman fatally stabbed in Tokyo (March.1)
Benedict XVI's papacy ends; Catholics hope new pope named before Easter (March.1)
【February / 2013】

Beijing restaurant draws "This shop does not receive the Japanese, the Philippines, the Vietnamese and dogs." (Feb.28)
Japan's Okawa Recognized as World's Oldest Woman (Feb.27)
4 Japanese Killed in Egypt Balloon Crash (Feb.26)

Two Pinoy gays win in Australia pageants (Feb.26)
Academy Awards 2013 (Feb.25)
'Twilight' Wins 7 Razzie Awards Including Worst Picture (Feb.24)

Obama and Shinzo Abe affirm US-Japan security alliance (Feb.23)
PAGASA: Big waves threaten salvage ops for USS Guardian (Feb.21)
PH on 'right track' over China challenge (Feb.20)

No categorical stand yet from Palace regarding Sabah standoff (Feb.20)
PSEi logs 17th all-time high for the year (Feb.18)
Ski Jumping - Teenage Takanashi is Japan's first World Cup champ (Feb.18)

Meteorite hits central Russia, more than 500 people hurt (Feb.15)
Japan Diet to OK Hague Treaty Entry during Current Session (Feb.14)
'Pag-asa' now a dad (Feb.14)

Pope Benedict to resign in historic move (Feb.11)
World's largest croc 'Lolong' dies (Feb.10)
Tokyo Man Arrested over Internet Murder Threat (Feb.10)
Facebook users in Asia (Feb.9)

Jollibee to open branch in Singapore, aims for 4,000 worldwide by 2020 (Feb.8)
Destiny's Child reunites during Super Bowl halftime show (Feb.4)
Kabuki Actor Ichikawa Danjuro Dies (Feb.4)
Tokyo basketball coach slapped players often (Feb.3)
Judo gold medalist Uchishiba gets 5-year sentence for rape (Feb.2)
【January / 2013】

6 Pinoys killed in Algeria (Jan.22)
At least two Pinoys killed in Algeria hostage crisis (Jan.18)
Razzie Awards: 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part II' Gets Nominated In Every Single Category (Jan.10)

2013 Oscar Predictions (Jan.10)
Children's facilities get a familylike atmosphere (Jan.9)
5 held for Japanese husband murder (Jan.5)
【December / 2012】

Godzilla says goodbye: Matsui calls it a career (Dec.28)
Philippines Miss Universe first runner-up (Dec.20)
You can vote Miss Universe 2012, December 19, Las Vegas (Dec.19)
At least 28, with 20 children shot dead at Connecticut school(Dec.15)

Pope Starts Personal Twitter Account (Dec.13)
Aquino declares PHL under state of national calamity (Dec.8)
'Pablo' death toll over 300; 3 areas under state of calamity (Dec.6)
'Pablo' death toll rises to 82 (Dec.5)